Cross-Cultural Projects


for Violin, Erhu, Kamancha

performed by the Atlas Ensemble

Conducted by Wim Hendrickx

‘Of Laughter and Forgetting’ 
for Piano Solo, Ney, Darbouka, Qanoun and Orchestra
presented by the Peace and Prosperity Trust
World premiere at Cadogan Hall on 20th February 2012.
Orion Orchestra
Toby Purser conductor
Tala Tutunji piano
Louai Alhenawi ney/percussion
Bassem Alkhouri qanoun
Dramaticule III
8 western and non-western string instruments and sho. Erhu (China), Kemenche (Turkey), Kamancha (Azerbeijian), Sarangi (India), Sho (Japan), Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass.
(Atlas Ensemble, Holland)
Click here to listen
Dramaticule IV
for 28 Western and Non-Western instruments
(Atlas Ensemble, Holland)
The Wolf, as part of Oriental Liaison


for 2 voices, qanoun, panpipes, duduk, recorder, erhu, viola da gamba, double bass, percussion
(Ensemble Zerafin, Holland)


…waiting for recording…



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