Educational/Community Work

From September 2016 to Present

Deputy Composition Professor for Junior Royal College of Music 

From July 2016 until October 2016

One of five Composers in Residence (Middlesbrough) participating in workshops towards a commission for Streetwise Opera
From September 2013
Teacher Associate at the University of Birmingham

From April 2010 until July 2011
Director/Co-Founder of the Chelsea Music Academy, the centre for Middle-Eastern and Western Music in London

I have had the opportunity to co-create, coordinate and participate in inter-cultural workshops that have aimed to reach all pockets of the London cosmopolitan community for children, teens and adults. In partnership with the Leighton House Museum, we have held courses in derbakki and workshops for primary school children to introduce them to music of the Middle-East through song and narrative via the artefacts in the museum. In collaboration with the Kensington Palace Youth Programme, we have worked with various youth groups in the community for a performance at Fête de la Musique Exhibition Road Music Day. Our performance consisted of fusing Algerian Rap with Middle-Eastern rhythms, Eastern European folk music and classically trained musicians in association with street dancing students at YoungStars Creative Arts Academy. We have established links with the Arab-British Centre (ABC) and the Council for British-Arab Understanding (CAABU) to hold workshops in introducing the music of the Middle East and exploring where this rich music stands in contemporary multi-cultural contexts.

I have also worked with:
National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain

Glenthorne High School Performing Arts College


Silk Moth Opera

Go to Silk Moth Opera website
Each year an estimated 5,000 women worldwide are murdered by their own families in ‘honour killings’, 12 of them here in the UK. Silk Moth places onstage a Mother. This one-woman performance raises powerful questions: what is her role in this horrific ‘tradition’? Is she a victim, submissive, or coldly complicit?
If you are interested in inviting us to perform at your festival or concert series in the UK or elsewhere, or if you would like more information, do feel free to contact me.

Ensemble Zar



Bushra is the artistic director and leader of Ensemble Zar, which is a fresh and fearless cross-genre ensemble whose mission is to express the Middle Eastern artistic temperament in its rawest form, and experiment with new sounds in the process. It’s musicians are well-versed in both Eastern and Western idioms, equally at home performing complex written contemporary music as well as masters of improvisation, relishing in the spontaneous nature of Oriental music. Ensemble Zar has performed for the Metta Theatre production of ‘Arab Nights’ (dir. Poppy Burton-Morgan, Soho Theatre production). It has also most notably played the live score to the world’s first feature-length silent film animation, The Adventures of Prince Achmed at the Southbank (part of Women of the World Festival – WOW) and Barbican as a Birds Eye View Film Festival commission, for which it received critical acclaim.


Cross-Cultural Projects


for Violin, Erhu, Kamancha

performed by the Atlas Ensemble

Conducted by Wim Hendrickx

‘Of Laughter and Forgetting’ 
for Piano Solo, Ney, Darbouka, Qanoun and Orchestra
presented by the Peace and Prosperity Trust
World premiere at Cadogan Hall on 20th February 2012.
Orion Orchestra
Toby Purser conductor
Tala Tutunji piano
Louai Alhenawi ney/percussion
Bassem Alkhouri qanoun
Dramaticule III
8 western and non-western string instruments and sho. Erhu (China), Kemenche (Turkey), Kamancha (Azerbeijian), Sarangi (India), Sho (Japan), Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass.
(Atlas Ensemble, Holland)
Click here to listen
Dramaticule IV
for 28 Western and Non-Western instruments
(Atlas Ensemble, Holland)
The Wolf, as part of Oriental Liaison


for 2 voices, qanoun, panpipes, duduk, recorder, erhu, viola da gamba, double bass, percussion
(Ensemble Zerafin, Holland)


…waiting for recording…


Cross-Arts Projects

London Sinfonietta Hidden Miranda

Collective Quixotic

We are London-based artists: set designers, musicians and a composer who met and hit it off during a London Sinfonietta/Central School of St Martin’s commission for the London Sinfonietta’s one-day festival, New Music Show 2.

Click HERE to visit the site.

Arab Nights
(dir. Poppy Burton-Morgan, Metta Theatre/Soho Theatre)
Incidental Music
String Quartet, Accordion, Ney, Qanoun, Arabic Voice, Oud
November/December 2012
Click link to watch BBC Arabic preview